Natural Law and Classical Liberalism

Lately I have been looking for something that expresses the meeting of my personal outlook with my political beliefs.  This is a fun read that sums it up pretty well.


Election Day, USA, 2012

Greetings Friends,

Today is election day in the USA. I don’t think it is any secret who I am voting for. I just want to give a big thank you to everyone for putting up with me all this time. I know I have been provocative at times,  so if so, I apologize and ask for your forgiveness.

I should also let you know that after the election is over, I will still be paying attention to our elected officials. We have a real ability now to play a role in the policy-making process, and an opportunity to get to the bottom of the issues, sort through the hype and propaganda, and look at what these politicians are really up to. Just a head’s up, in case you have had more than enough of me by now.

Me, I value liberty. I would like to see a reduction and a restructuring of the role the government plays in our lives. Believe it or not, I think those Tea Party people have some pretty good ideas. Of course, there are objections, and they may be valid, so as our officials get back to work, we will have an opportunity to discuss which policies are valid, and which need to be scrapped or revised.

One last thing, Benghazi will be a top priority for me from now until the Congressional Hearings on November 15th. Disagree if you will, but in my opinion, Benghazi signifies a weakness in our national security, and this ties right in to personal liberty. Some objections to making a big deal about this have come my way, so I will be making an effort to be civil and clear-headed, and put my biases aside.

Best regards,


Jon Stewart Echoes Rambo

Is it just me, or does Jon Stewart sound a lot like Rambo when he is passionate about something?

Recently, the Jon Stewart Show ran a segment on how veterans with relevant experience are finding it hard to land jobs in the civilian world because somehow they lack credentials.  

Rambo, 1982. “Back there I could fly a gunship, I could drive a tank, I was in charge of million dollar equipment, back here I can’t even hold a job parking cars!”  

To Stewart’s credit, he offered to get the veteran from Ohio a ballot.

Does anyone else see the irony of a liberal up in arms about the credentialing process?

Outrage Builds Over Benghazi

Americans are demanding answers. 

On the morning of September 11, 2012, my thoughts dwelt on a warning: Don’t get caught with your pants down, America.  

That day, the embassies were attacked.  It didn’t seem like much at first, but then it got worse, and then it exposed a huge vacancy in our leadership.

It was a relief to see the Republican Presidential candidate voice unqualified outrage against the attackers, and not blame an American.

The Administration’s reaction was puzzling, to say the least.  

With every new detail, the Benghazi story gets worse, leaving us wondering, what happened, and why did the Administration react as it did?  How many lives were needlessly lost?  Even John McCain, who normally runs interference for Democrats, wants answers.  

Evidence points to incompetence, betrayal, and cover-up, at the highest levels of government.  

The world is now aware that our leadership is willing to stand down, let brave Americans die, and pin the blame on innocent citizens.  

The biggest threat to this nation is a lack of vigilance.   It’s time to put some pants on.

Breaking News:  Al Zawahari now says to kidnap westerners to exchange for jihadist prisoners.  Will America capitulate again?

Ten Reasons to Vote For Mitt Romney

For the first time in my adult life, I genuinely like one of the candidates for President of the United States, and I also strongly approve of his running mate.

In light of recent events, particularly the Benghazi situation and the unexplainable behavior of the Obama campaign, I can only say I have to admire the unerring loyalty of the current President’s supporters.

For those who are still undecided this election, I provide this short list of reasons to vote for Mitt Romney.

May the best man win.

Ten Reasons to Vote For Mitt Romney 

10.  Mitt Romney does not try to make his opponent look stupid during a debate or use profanity to describe his opponent.

9. Mitt Romney’s running mate does not laugh condescendingly at his opponent when serious topics are being discussed during a debate.

8.  Mitt Romney does not apologize for American Exceptionalism.

7.  Mitt Romney does not seek to punish free enterprise and success.

6.  Mitt Romney believes in liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

5.  Mitt Romney does not call for Stimulus Bills, Quantitative Easing, and Bailouts to restore the economy.

4.  Mitt Romney does not blame recent acts of terror on an innocent filmmaker.

3.  Mitt Romney would not capitulate inalienable rights to the United Nations.

2. Mitt Romney would not try to take $700 billion out of Medicare to fund a healthcare program named after himself.

1.  Mitt Romney is not Barack Obama.

There you have it. You are free to agree or disagree. Civil discourse is what makes this nation great.

Let the Christians be Debased.

Over the last few days, I wouldn’t expect most of you to have noticed, I have been on Facebook quite a bit.  Some have probably been shocked, shocked and dismayed, no doubt, because I have been sharing conservative viewpoints and supporting the Romney/Ryan campaign.  Many who have assumed I was a sensible person are now wondering how I could arrive at such horrific, stupid conclusions?  It must be explained by some combination of misogyny, homophobia, racism, or perhaps contempt for the poor and the sick, because I sure am not making enough money to be eligible for one of those tax breaks for the wealthy.  I must have been brain-washed.  

The absurdity reached an all-time high when I started defending a group of college students who happened to be Christians.  I guess my simple mind has not yet grasped that Christian is now properly defined as enemy.  Silly me, I publicly excoriated a professor of Cross-Cultural studies, who in an email demonstrated to his class, and then the readers of the Huffington Post, that his Christian students are perfect examples of bigots.  You see, I have not yet realized that Christianity is the Sarah Palin of religions.  It doesn’t deserve due respect.  With Palin, we get a free pass from the feminists to debase her any way we like. Likewise, it is okay, encouraged even, to disrespect Christians.  

In case you haven’t noticed, there is something larger at play: something which makes it okay to portray Palin and Christians as a sub-species of bigoted, selfish morons; something which makes it okay to abandon all logic and fairness and decency, just to make a point.  

The question is, what is that something?

Cross-Cultural Studies, what is that?  If the above example tells us anything, Cross-Cultural Studies is less a quest for truth than a social agenda.  In the name of fairness, it is okay to debase the majority, while it is criminal to say anything bad -no matter how true and relevant- about the minority.  In this way, we create a just equality.  Christians, get ready to take your medicine.  Passing a course in Cross-Cultural Studies prepares students to join the ranks of the enlightened, where you will have license to debase people of faith and participate in character assassination.  With freedom comes responsibility, to debase the majority and prop up the minority.  Together, we can achieve justice.  

In the name of what?

It’s simple, really.

When those old white Christians who founded the country drew up their documents for sovereignty and government, they based it on this old, antiquated notion that people derive their rights from some Creator, or God, as they called it.  A ridiculous notion, of course, and the enlightened folk of today thoroughly understand that our rights come from government, not some imaginary deity.  Logically, what is good for the increase of government must also be good for the people.  The sooner that people relinquish their personal faith and submit to the real savior, the better.

Not everyone buys into this, at least not right away, understandably, and if you presented it to people in this manner, they would go running back to the founders and cling to whatever sense of individual liberty they had left.  No, there has to be some incentive, and it has to be sold to folks based on their own special interests.  Everyone has a pet interest.  Merely convince everyone, one interest at a time, that the government must be the sole provider of that thing, and debase those who stand in the way, and the next thing you know, we realize who the real daddy is.  

Money hooks Americans, sooner or later.  Money for unions, money for government servants, money for educators; money for retirement funds and medical expenses.  Soon, people will understand that government is the true source of wealth.  If the current administration has its way, we will remove free enterprise from medicine, and then the auto industry, just for starters.  Don’t worry, Uncle Sam is going to take care of everything.  Hush little baby.

Christians, those misguided fools who wrote the notion of individual liberty in the founding documents, are a convenient scapegoat.  Everyone has had a bad experience with them at some point. They are just so stubborn and sure of themselves.  They are too good looking, like Paul Ryan, who cares what he has to say?  Sometimes they can even be downright scary.  A little persuasion, and Americans will gladly relinquish their rights just to escape Christian judgment.

What was I thinking, defending those Christian students?  Whatever you do, don’t listen to me.  The next thing you know, we might start extending Christians due respect, and people might start talking about liberty, and decency, and limited government.  Listen: Do what’s best for you. Sacrifice what dignity you have left.  Let the Christians be debased.