Untitled Painting


14 thoughts on “Untitled Painting

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  2. Evokes a spirit of a body yet to come into being, but has sprouted in definite points, indicating a “future manifestation”.

    I like, quite a bit. Would like to see original.

    • Great comment, I appreciate your articulation! I resonate with your comment, the piece looks like some thing in the planetary-futuristic realm..

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  4. Powerful and comforting. Those happen to be two traits I have been developing in myself. Thank you for noticing that!

    I Love your gravatar image by the way. Very cool.

  5. To be honest, I have never understood modern art per se… but I feel strangely attracted to this work. It sort of reminds me of an ‘autumn forest floor’… i am sorry for being so dense but I like it anyway

  6. Not dense at all, don’t even think such a thing. Funny you mention ‘modern art.’ It makes it sound like you’re talking to an art theory expert. That’s not me. I’m just a guy who picked up a paint brush, danced to the music, and let it go where it wanted to go.

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