Art Discussion

This morning, I woke up and found that the painting I posted yesterday had been liked by a talented photographer, Aaron Leaman.  I checked out his site, and discovered that his thoughts resonated with some ideas I had at the time I was painting.

Here is a summary of my ideas:

Nothing is fixed.  We are complex bundles of dynamic, constantly changing energy journeying through complex passages of energy.  At any time, we are conscious only of a tiny piece of the big picture of ourselves.  A lot of this action can be random and chaotic, but it can also be pleasant, beautiful, and easy.  We have the power to make choices, to orient the energy of our minds and bodies, in any way we choose.  What happens when a person enters a peaceful, caring, loving, compassionate, understanding state of mind?  The energy of that person, and the energy surrounding that person, is transformed, and quite possibly, the universe becomes a more peaceful place, but can we know the full effects of our thoughts and actions?

Also see Aaron Leaman’s perspective. 


One thought on “Art Discussion

  1. Every single minuscule insignificant thought or feeling we have have an impact on the universe. Hence the importance of making choices that correspond to what we want to create, to project. Sometimes, aligning ourselves with our preferred choices is difficult, therefore the necessity of lifelong learning, meditation, art practice, and so on, to transform ourselves, and improve the quality of our creations. Quality in the sense of alignment with what needs to be expressed through us.


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