“It’s a good time to be happy.”

Pumpkinface“It’s a good time to be happy.”


By Alishiya Honey

Who are your friends?

Your friends are your companions, your daily-mates, your soul-connectors, your peace of mind, your mental stimulants, that restless part of your energy, the people who you can be yourself with.

Your friends are your sounding-boards, your reflection in the mirror, your reality-check, the people you can be absolutely silent with and realize it’s the best conversation you ever had, the people or person you are so utterly fond of and you know for a fact that you’d do absolutely anything for them which could be in your reach or beyond it.

They are the people you can have the greatest times with and at the same time cry your heart out and not feel ashamed of those honest, salty tears.

They are the people who you want to do things for off-guard for completely no particular reason but simply because you want to remind them how they are so special to you and make up a part of your daily life.

We don’t remind ourselves enough of how they complete us and fill in that missing part which we were seeking and felt was incomplete or unfinished that required completion and wholeness.

Our friends are images of ourselves and reflect our inner beings: the beautiful as well as the ugly sides, all those contradictions and dualities, all the possible chaos, confusions, complexities and insecurities: all that’s bubbling furiously within us.

Those are our friends: our pillars of strength, the people who play the role of listeners, or the advisors, those people who inspire, aspire, admire, influence and appreciate and accept us for who we are.

Mainly, our friends are our conscious beings who unconsciously show us who we really are all about from within.   They are the subtle sparks that throw light on our actual inner-selves.

Those are our FRIENDS…

They surprisingly could be our competitors, the people who we’re jealous of, or envious of, or in awe of: the people who challenge us, the people who are beyond us: the people who surprise and amaze us, shock us, baffle us, capture our attention spontaneously and do things randomly.

We don’t realize this is just us talking to ourselves.  It’s amazing, fabulous, and wondrous.  It’s really something to feel great about.

Each of our friends have a part of themselves in us and we have a part of ourselves within them; it’s a discreet and beautiful exchange.